Oven Braised Chicken with Tomato and Olive Sauce

Happy Autumn Equinox! Mother Earth decided to bless us by sending our first real Fall day.  The temperature dropped from the upper 90s down to 72 and breezy in just a couple days.  The wind smelled wet and cold.  It blew strongest in the afternoon and the dust was so thick in places that visibility was… Continue reading Oven Braised Chicken with Tomato and Olive Sauce

Apples, Anniversaries and Birthdays

I feel completely unprepared for this post, moving boxes are on every surface and pizza boxes cover the stove, but its been too long since my last one and I feel you deserve an update. We are all moved in to our new home now and we are slowly learning our way around.  If you… Continue reading Apples, Anniversaries and Birthdays

Thanksgiving Cranberry Upside Down Cake

It is a miracle this cake made it.  I started baking early in the afternoon, just after lunch.  First the butter and brown sugar were brought to a rich and creamy dark brown in my cast iron pan.  Cranberries were cooked in orange juice until they popped out of their skins.  The cake batter called… Continue reading Thanksgiving Cranberry Upside Down Cake

Pear, Honey and Ginger Slab Pie

When I was a teenager, the crisp cool weather of October meant my sister and I were on apple and pear duty.  Our job was to pick the pears, apples, and apple-pears off the trees in the orchard before the birds or our fruit-eating dogs got to them first.  We loved picking bird pecked apples… Continue reading Pear, Honey and Ginger Slab Pie