Breakfast Tacos

Are you feeling those first stirrings of Fall yet?  I know I have been for a couple of weeks now.  The nights are much cooler.  My bedroom windows are still open at night, but only a crack.  The evenings are still very warm but I have pulled out the warmer blankets for the middle of… Continue reading Breakfast Tacos

Right Now

Right now :listening – To Gavin pound on the keyboard.  One of his new favorite toys. :thinking – about all the guests I have had visiting this past month.  It’s so fun to reconnect with old friends. :feeling – anxious about my upcoming flight to So Cal.  I haven’t flown in a long time and… Continue reading Right Now

Garden Update 7/7

I forgot to tell you I would be out of town for the last two weeks.  My little sister got married!  Congratulations to Kristen and her new husband Kevin! It was ridiculously hot in southern California while we were there.  Over 100 degrees for most of the trip.  Tom tells me that it was hot… Continue reading Garden Update 7/7

30 Days of Renewal – Day 12 – Camera Play

I haven’t picked up my dSLR in a few months now and lately I’ve missed it so Sunday I decided to set up an impromptu session with Gavin in front of the living room wall. He is such a beautiful baby. I can’t wait to get this one printed up.. My daughter has been asking… Continue reading 30 Days of Renewal – Day 12 – Camera Play

A Chicken, a Coyote and Two Baby Bunnies

Guess what I caught trying to break into the chicken coop last night? A coyote! A couple weeks ago one of our hens disappeared. We searched the orchard and didn’t find a single feather. Our neighbors hadn’t seen her either but one did warn us that a coyote had been hanging around so we figured… Continue reading A Chicken, a Coyote and Two Baby Bunnies

Fried Computer with a Side of the Flu

Hi everyone! I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Besides rounds of illness in our house, my computer got fried in a big storm and we are working on replacing it. Until then I am going to try posting from my iPhone. I have no idea how this will work so please hang… Continue reading Fried Computer with a Side of the Flu