The Laguna

The Laguna de Santa Rosa and the vineyards near it are one of the most beautiful places I have ever laid my eyes on.  I mean, I haven’t really been to that many places in my short life, but I have traveled extensively in California and this one tops the list.  This whole area is… Continue reading The Laguna

4th Food and Pics

This is the first 4th we have had in Sonoma County and it was great!  A couple of days ago I thought our 4th was ruined when our cranky neighbor called and told us that if anyone shot off any fireworks in the neighborhood she was going to call the cops.  Considering we live in… Continue reading 4th Food and Pics

Happy New Year!

Hope you had a happy and safe New Years Day! After a day of building new mews (houses) for the falcons we headed to Salmon Creek Beach just north of Bodega Bay to watch the sunset.  It was freezing and very windy, but so beautiful.  I decided that one of my resolutions this year is… Continue reading Happy New Year!

Welcome 2012 – With Pictures from Bodega Bay, CA

I want to spend the next year the same way I spent the last week.  With good food, good friends and fun adventures.  A college friend of ours is visiting for the New Year and we spent the week showing him around this area.  This Thursday we took a quick drive to Bodega Bay.  My… Continue reading Welcome 2012 – With Pictures from Bodega Bay, CA

Cookie Month: Caramel, Walnut and Chocolate Thumbprints

I woke early.  The morning was unusually quiet.  Fog enshrouded our hill and the valleys beyond it dampening any sound.  I put the kettle on the stove, made a fire and then sat on the couch for a while just staring at the landscape, the fog, the apple trees.  Suddenly I was overcome by a… Continue reading Cookie Month: Caramel, Walnut and Chocolate Thumbprints