30 Days of Renewal – Day 21 – 6 Fruits and Veggies I Always Have in the Kitchen

I planted the garden this weekend!  Pictures and info on what I planted to come.  For today I thought I would tell you about the 6 most useful fruits and veggies I use on a regular basis. 1.  Mire Poix Veggies – Carrots, Celery, Garlic, Onion – Okay I know this is actually four veggies,… Continue reading 30 Days of Renewal – Day 21 – 6 Fruits and Veggies I Always Have in the Kitchen

Lemon Blackberry Muffins

Hi everyone! I am still here and still pregnant.  We are currently 36 weeks and my brain has turned into oatmeal.  The plain bland kind that everyone hates.  Every drop of creative inspiration has been sucked out of me.  It really blows.  What ever happened to nesting?  I thought all women turned into nesting monkeys… Continue reading Lemon Blackberry Muffins

Pregnancy Updates and Blackberry Syrup

The last week has been a blur.  The chickens began laying eggs, I played host to several friends and coworkers who were visiting for the weekend and Brae started school, thank goodness!  She has been antsy, bored and grouchy the last couple weeks.  After three months of free time she was craving a new routine… Continue reading Pregnancy Updates and Blackberry Syrup

How To Freeze Berries

I am 31 weeks into my pregnancy and have reached that point where my life feels like one big boring waiting game.  I try to keep busy organizing the house and cooking freezer meals, but I lack the energy and inspiration to do much of anything else, making life incredibly boring.  The nesting bug has… Continue reading How To Freeze Berries

Mini Blackberry Galettes

Last week I went to see my midwife who told me that the baby had turned again, back into the breech position.  She said not to worry, but that I should take a long walk everyday to encourage him to turn.  I used to love a long walk, but these days a long walk is… Continue reading Mini Blackberry Galettes

Apples, Blackberries and Tomatoes, Oh My!

Its been a little more than three weeks since my last garden update and boy does a little fertilizer and new soil go a long way!  The tomato plants have tripled in size and the leaves are a perky rich green.  They’re even growing new little tomatoes!  Our cherry tomatoes have been ripening for a… Continue reading Apples, Blackberries and Tomatoes, Oh My!

Nectarine Crisp

Nectarines must have been a sacred fruit.  My idea of heaven on earth.  When in season they are sweet, juicy, tender, a perfect dessert all on their own.  But sometimes you want something a little more fancy.  Maybe your mother in law is coming over for dinner and you need something easy, but impressive.  Or… Continue reading Nectarine Crisp

Cherry Jam Tart

Over the last couple years I have come to love making jam.  The patience it takes, slowly stirring the bubbling juice waiting for just the right thickness.  The simplicity of the recipe, just fruit and sugar, and maybe a squeeze of lemon.  Its practicality, turning fruit thats almost gone bad into something that will last… Continue reading Cherry Jam Tart

Welcoming Summer with Peach Muffins

This baby that is growing in my stomach must love peaches.  I have had the craziest peach cravings since I discovered the juiciest sweetest organic peaches I have ever eaten at my local fruit market.  They are so juicy that you have to eat them while holding a paper towel under your chin to catch… Continue reading Welcoming Summer with Peach Muffins

Apples, Anniversaries and Birthdays

I feel completely unprepared for this post, moving boxes are on every surface and pizza boxes cover the stove, but its been too long since my last one and I feel you deserve an update. We are all moved in to our new home now and we are slowly learning our way around.  If you… Continue reading Apples, Anniversaries and Birthdays