A Chicken, a Coyote and Two Baby Bunnies

Guess what I caught trying to break into the chicken coop last night? A coyote! A couple weeks ago one of our hens disappeared. We searched the orchard and didn’t find a single feather. Our neighbors hadn’t seen her either but one did warn us that a coyote had been hanging around so we figured… Continue reading A Chicken, a Coyote and Two Baby Bunnies

The Hen and the Rooster

Earlier this week I went out to gather up the escaped chickens from the orchard and found them down the driveway chattering away with a beautiful black rooster!  This rooster was very interested in my girls and followed us back to the coop.  I didn’t let him in the pen and tried to shoo him… Continue reading The Hen and the Rooster

Feathered Beauties

The chickens have gotten so big!  It seems like only yesterday they were little chicks.  I guess in the same way, this pregnancy has flown by too.  We have about a month left before the flock is old enough to begin laying eggs and a month or so after that I will have a new… Continue reading Feathered Beauties

Growing Growing Garden

The garden is moving along beautifully.  We are harvesting a couple tiny sweet strawberries every other day.  I’m picking radishes almost daily as well.  Our daughter loves to eat the peas right off the vine so none have made it back to the kitchen yet.  They go straight from the vine into her mouth.  I love… Continue reading Growing Growing Garden

Around the Yard

Have your allergies been bad this year?  Ours are horrible!  I don’t know if it’s the climate in Sonoma County or if this is just a bad pollen year, but we have been suffering big time.  I bought a new allergen hepa filter vacuum  and it has helped a lot already.  I didn’t realize how… Continue reading Around the Yard

A New Garden

Thank you for your congratulations about the baby!  We are really excited about this!  Our plan was to have our kids 5 years apart, but when that time came around it just wasn’t the right time for us.  Now, we are settled and not planning to move for at least a year and a half… Continue reading A New Garden

Introducing the Chicks

When we moved to Sonoma county I really hoped that somehow we would be able to have chickens again.  Even though they ate most of my ground vegetables and pounds of tomatoes I still loved watching them scratch the ground for bugs and fight over a pile of greens.  Thankfully, we were lucky enough to… Continue reading Introducing the Chicks

Vineyard Trip 2011

I fought back tears as we drove away.  It was so much fun.  Tom is exhausted at night, but thanks his lucky stars every morning when he wakes up to this. I think I could live in his working trailer for a long time if I got to live somewhere as beautiful as this.  My… Continue reading Vineyard Trip 2011

Our First Egg

Look what I found in the compost pile this morning!  Our first chicken egg!  My excitement at this awesome find is mixed with sadness because this means its time for LadyHawke to go back to the farm she came from.  Her chicks don’t need her anymore and she is ready to move on. Anything exciting… Continue reading Our First Egg