About Melissa

Hi Everyone!

I am Melissa and I am a single mom living in Southern California.  I love yellow curry and thick chewy brownies, cooking at midnight and eating chocolate for breakfast.  I grow veggies anywhere I can fit them.  My twelve year old daughter will only eat Indian and Thai food while my four year old son automatically hates everything on the menu.

I am cooking for four, on a limited budget, trying to keep it simple and laughing as much as possible.

Why Shoots & Roots? Well, shoots are the first seedlings in a garden and a nickname for a photography session.  Roots refers to the roots in a garden, the roots we eat and the roots we create with our family.

I would love to hear from readers.  Drop me a note at shootsandroots6 (at) yahoo.com.

You can find my twitter feed here.


Shoots and Roots Around the Net:

Glamour.com – Health & Fitness


3 thoughts on “About Melissa

  1. I thought that was funny, too…..and makes a huge and tricky challenge for your dinner table. But, on the serious side, you are BRILLIANT for gardening in the back — your little carnivore will be lured away before you know it to all those beautiful hands-on roots and shoots. 🙂

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